True Expertise 


I am an original guru in the field of Data Mining / Data Science with more than 16 years of experience

I started the first artificial intelligence applications company in Switzerland in 1988, and one of the first in Europe/USA.
I performed applications oriented research into tools for database analysis, expert systems, pattern matching and time series forecasting.


My work later evolved into what is now called the field of Data Mining / Data Science.

My start-up company did applied research - taking the latest ideas from academic publications in artificial intelligence, testing and refining them for the use in our client's projects.

I gave presentations of my work around Europe (My list of technical publications and presentations is available upon request.)

My company was the first of three in all of Europe, and one of the first in the world to provide applications based on Artificial Intelligence / Data Mining. For 12 years, I personally designed and wrote software that has become todays mainstream data mining techniques(Neural Networks, Time Series analysis, Clustering techniques, Genetic Algorithms, Bayes techniques, regression techniques, pattern matching, machine learning, etc) at a time when no commercial data mining software existed.

These tools were used for our clients’ cutting edge applications.

One project involved forecasting the Swiss stock market for
the finance division of a major Swiss Bank in Zurich.
Another project at this bank was predicting client product
preferences for their retail products marketing division,
which included the design and use of an Oracle relational database with 4 million plus records. Another project for the same bank was a three year effort to create neural network based forecasting and trading systems for the Swiss stock market.

A more recent project involved the in-depth analysis of the medical databases of the National Health Service (NHS) of England.

I also have had extensive experience in software project management, during my years running my own company.In addition, I was Senior Data Warehouse/Data Mining Consultant at Arthur Anderson Consulting for several years.

I have a rich background as a consultant in the IT world, with particular experience in the Banking and Finance world.

I have a degree in Computer Science, as well as several
professional publications/ scientific conference presentations.

I have 25 plus years experience in IT, 16 of those years in Data Mining / Data Modeling. A deep knowledge of Data Mining and statistical tools, and a proven ability to interact with and present solutions to client management. I have extensive experience in Data Mining reporting, analyzing, and the ability to formally present results to management in language they understand, and the ability to write technical articles.
In addition, I am well versed in statistical techniques, including: correlation techniques, sampling theory, test reliability, among others.

Data Science Center Creation


Finally, I can design, create, staff, consult and lead your company's new Data Science Department.

Using my years of expertise I can bring your company "up-to-speed" in the world of Data Science, as many of your competitors have already done.

I will work with you to determine your optimal needs in hardware, software, business goals, and staff.


a no-cost in-depth discussion of your project ideas, and what I can do to turn your ideas into concrete, ready to use tools to extract valuable patterns and relationships from your company's databases.